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Protect: Light-Medium Roast Single-Serve Satchet PURITY™

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Lt Med Coffee
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  • Our light-medium roasted, highest CGA coffee available in a portable, environmentally friendly, single-serve sachet. Whether you’re at home or on the go, with PROTECT single-serve coffee sachets you can brew a perfect cup within minutes and enjoy clean, delicious coffee without compromise.

    • USDA Organic Certified
    • Smithsonian Bird Friendly
    • Rainforest Alliance Certified


    • Toasted hazelnut
    • Hint of brown spice
    • Sweet, juicy notes


    • 100% Specialty-grade organic Arabica coffee

    Purity Coffee contains only high quality Arabica coffee beans with no additives or allergens.


    • Open packet and place sachet in coffee cup, tag hanging outside.
    • Pour water just off the boil onto the sachet in cup, using between 6-10 oz of water.
    • Steep for at least 3 minutes and then dunk sachet up and down several times.

    Adjust to taste: Try changing water temperature, amount of water or steep time.

    For a delicious cold brew, place sachet in a glass of water and refrigerate overnight.

    • Each carton contains 5 single-serving coffee sachets

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