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Did you know that coffee is an antioxidant-rich superfood, containing more than double the antioxidants found even in blueberries? With people consuming an average of 3 cups of coffee per day, coffee is the #1 source of antioxidants in most people's diet. The problem is that conventional coffee contains toxins like pesticides and mold, counteracting the incredible benefits. EquiLife coffee allows you to get all the benefits with none of the bad, including:

  • Provides more than double the antioxidants found in blueberries
  • Effective at scavenging free radicals & preventing cell damage
  • Increases brain function & balances inflammation
  • Organic, single source coffee, free from pesticides & mold
  • Whole bean, available in regular & decaf

Equilife Organic Whole Bean Coffee

  • Around the world, coffee is a beloved part of culture. From a morning cup to start the day, to a way to fuel a busy afternoon, coffee is something people love to drink and love to share. Amazingly, coffee boasts more antioxidants than even wild blueberries, making it an incredible way to fight free radical damage and oxidative stress in the body, which is a leading contributor to premature aging. On average, people drink 3 cups of coffee per day, making it the leading source of antioxidants in up to 65% of American diets.

    If this sounds too good to be true, unfortunately it is. That’s because the majority of conventional coffee available contains hidden and very harmful toxins and contaminants, like pesticides, mold, and much more. With health-harming contaminants like ochratoxin A, acrylamide, polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, yeast, and other pesticides being present on the crops to the mold and mycotoxins that form during storage, drinking coffee can go from a great way to boost antioxidant intake to a leading cause of health issues like fatigue, weakness, and brain fog to more serious issues like cancer and other diseases.

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