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Challenges to proper gut function can be hard to understand and harder to fix. Nausea, occasional diarrhea, abdominal pain, and changes in weight can all be indicators that your gut flora is not functioning optimally. Balancing the correct beneficial microorganisms while eliminating challenges requires a crucial balance of targeted ingredients. The Para Support Protocol utilizes parasite herbal rebalancing formulas to restore gut microbiome.

  • Powerful natural botanicals support microbial balance
  • Utilizes potent traditional herbal ingredients
  • Disrupts harmful microbial biofilms
  • Removes unwanted intestinal toxins
  • Key ingredients bind to toxins for amplified detoxification

Para Support Protocol

  • There are trillions of microbes in the gut and not all of them are friendly. The census of microbes inside the body is in constant flux, but occasionally unwanted microbes can impact digestive health. Often times, simple changes in diet or elevated stress levels are the only opportunity these microscopic organisms need to take hold in the gut. Once they have begun to steal nutrients and space, it can be hard to know how to rid yourself of them.

    The Para Support Protocol introduces enzymes to help dissolve biofilms where microbes often take harbor while powerful botanicals help remove bacteria and fungi from the gut and the body via the liver. This easy to follow protocol is an excellent way to help you rebalance your gut microbiome and feel better, knowing that you're using the highest quality ingredients in the market.

  • The human gut is home to trillions of microscopic organisms. Although the vast majority of these organisms are beneficial, helping to digest food and releasing beneficial metabolites, the foods that we eat and the environment we encounter can affect the balance of microbes in our gut. Just like a healthy ecosystem in the natural world, the greater diversity of organisms the more balanced and healthy the nutrients can cycle. When one organism begins to take over it can affect the entire ecosystem. In the microbiome, this can mean that one species can take over and begin to interfere with normal gut function.


    While other products and protocols may introduce beneficial botanicals, only our Para Support Protocol helps dissolve biofilms. Biofilms, colonies of unwanted microbes that fuse into a colony can provide shelter to a variety of unwanted toxins and microbes. By forming a film, the microbes are able to take up more room and evade detection and elimination by the body's immune cells. In order to rebalance the gut, Para Support Protocol includes FloraFilm, a biofilm disruptor that utilizes powerful enzymes to dissolve the habitat that harmful microbes live in. Once the film has been removed, traditional Ayurvedic herbs get to work altering the gut environment to rebalance and remove unwanted microbes.

    ParaPro Support:

    ParaPro Support provides high-quality third-party tested sources of botanical ingredients used to help rebalance the microbiome. Grape leaf extract contains a compound, oleuropein which can modulate microbial balance, has been utilized for thousands of years to regulate gut health. Black walnut hull has been used in many cultures to remove unwanted microbes. A variety of compounds introduced from the various botanicals include Glansreginin A, azelaic acid, quercetin, and eriodictyol-7-O-glucoside help remove unwanted microbes. Together the powerful phytochemicals found in these plants can help create a preferable gut environment.

    Universal Binder:
    On average, you are exposed to more than 100,000 toxic chemicals in the environment. From perfumes, to cleaning products, air pollution, pesticides and more, these toxins can have a negative impact on your health, especially if they are not consistently removed from the body. By using a targeted blend of high-quality, natural ingredients, EquiLife's Universal Binder™ has been designed to adhere or bind to common contaminants, including heavy metals, mold, and more. This binding process then facilitates fast and safe removal of toxins and invaders via the GI tract.

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