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Exposure to mold and fungus is unavoidable, but if your immune system is not functioning at optimal levels, it can leave your body unable to fight off these harmful mycotoxins. Mold toxicity can present a number of challenges for your health, impacting your vitality, energy, and overall wellness. The Mold Detox protocol has been specifically designed with ingredients that seek out mycotoxins and mold spores and break them down, so that they can be pushed to the liver and safely removed – all while boosting your body's natural immune response.

  • Provides a powerful herbal blend that seeks out harmful mycotoxins
  • Key ingredients break down outer layers of mold & yeast microbes
  • Leverages powerful binding agents that bond to toxins & boost removal
  • Supports phase 2 liver detoxification for safe & effective toxin removal
  • Includes nutrients for a healthy immune system

Mold Protocol

  • Fungi are an entire kingdom of life, both diverse and sometimes dangerous. Fungi do not rely on sunlight and consume oxygen while releasing carbon dioxide. They grow fast and tend to be resilient. While this can be exploited to great benefit for the fermentation of foods and drinks, it also poses certain challenges to human health. With over 100k types of mold and fungi present in our homes, foods, bodies and even the air; there are ample opportunities for mold to impact your vitality. According to a study by the World Health Organization, over 50% of US and UK homes are impacted by visible mold growth, which can be associated with respiratory health challenges, low energy, brain fog, skin issues, sinus congestion, low immunity, and digestive challenges. Making matters worse, the industrialized food system often holds grains, coffee, seeds, nuts and processed ingredients like flour and sugar in large silos that are rarely if ever cleaned.

    Thankfully, our bodies can process and metabolize mycotoxins, if our natural detoxification pathways are functioning properly and our immune system is supported with antioxidants and beneficial compounds to help eliminate mold – which is where EquiLife's comprehensive Mold Detox Protocol comes in.

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