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A healthy lifestyle has become a moving target. Every few years it feels that the guidelines on which vitamins, fruits, and superfoods are healthy seem to change. With more supplements on the market than ever before, how can you be sure you're providing your body with all the high-quality essential nutrients it needs to thrive? The Daily Foundational Protocol (Powder) - Level 3 is formulated by EquiLife's health experts to be the ultimate morning routine to support a healthy body and mind. With one shake or delicious smoothie and a few capsules, you'll unlock the benefits of the most comprehensive and extensively researched morning routines on the market.

Daily Foundational Protocol (Powder) - Level 3

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  • Daily Foundational Protocol (Powder) - Level 3 is formulated to be a comprehensive package to support a healthy body and mind. Designed to provide the body all the tools necessary for healthy detoxification, digestion, daily multivitamin, probiotic, and enzyme support, plus 15g of plant-based protein. This protocol contains all the essentials from Levels 1 and 2 with the added benefit of a Daily Digestive Enzyme.

    • Provides 15g of vegan, hypoallergenic protein
    • Nutrition of 22 fruits, vegetables and superfoods
    • Activated multi-vitamin/multi-mineral support
    • Multi-strain probiotic support
    • Omega-3 supports heart and brain health
    • Digestive enzymes to support optimal digestion

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