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What to Expect During the Detox

So you’re considering doing the detox but are maybe feeling nervous or hesitant because you don’t know what to expect or aren’t sure you’ll be able to finish it. 

I get it; I felt the same way before completing it my first time.  BUT that was because I had little support and was doing it alone.  I understand the importance of support and community, so I’ve created all these blogs to remove your misgivings, AND I have created a free Whatsapp Group to support you every step!

Quick disclaimer:  Some of the links on this page are affiliate links, which means if you purchase after clicking on the link, I will receive a small commission. This allows me to support you as I do, and I greatly appreciate your support!

The system is the same whether you’re considering the 7, 14, or 21-day detox. You follow the same food plan, supplements, and system for 1, 2, or 3 weeks.

In this blog, we’re going to break down 

  • What the detox actually looks like

  • What you can expect during the detox

  • Common symptoms and what to do if you have them

What the Detox Actually Looks Like

  • Two Fasting Days:  The detox involves two fasting days each week, during which you will consume the Daily Nutritional Support shake four times a day, along with two supplements. While the fasting days are some of the most powerful and essential in my mind, you can skip them if you don’t want to lose weight or if fasting REALLY doesn’t agree with you.

  • Days 3-7: Expect to drink a morning shake, eat plant-based lunches, have a midafternoon shake, and have a Paleo-style dinner with animal-based protein like chicken, turkey, or fish (if you eat those). Most vegetables are allowed, provided they don’t cause bloating or gas. The detox itself comes with a food list and gives you instructions on how to build your meals.

  • Days 8+: If you continue with the 14 or 21-day detox after day 7, you will repeat the fasting days on days 8/9 and 15/16 and follow the 2-shake/2 meal plan on other days. 

  • What You Stop Doing: The detox removes processed foods, snacks, and added sugars. You also won’t be eating out during the detox, which will be a big part of your success — cutting out toxic oils and LOTS of inflammation.

  • What’s Included: The detox kit includes all the shakes and supplements needed and an approved food list to make the detox as simple as possible. Click here for the Food Guide and Shopping List.

It is essential to take the supplements as directed and follow the schedule outlined in the detox guide as closely as possible.

If you need meal ideas, check here for delicious lunch and dinner recipes to help you stay on track!

What You Can Expect During the Detox

  • You’ll learn a lot: Expect to learn a lot about yourself during the detox. It sounds cheesy, but the detox can be challenging on many levels. The detox challenges you to change how you eat, rethink how you look at food, and look at your relationship with food. Many people finish a detox and feel “free” from the control food cravings or unhealthy foods have over them.

  • You will feel empowered: The detox will empower you and show that YOU control your health and symptoms. Expect to feel much better after the detox and learn the importance of detoxing regularly for optimal health!

  • Symptoms:  Depending on your toxic load before the detox (you can test your toxic load here: Toxicity Quiz), expect new symptoms to appear or current symptoms to worsen temporarily. As toxins leave our body (thanks to the extra support the detox gives to our liver and body), we sometimes can feel achy, have headaches, or develop new or worsening symptoms. Don’t worry; this usually only lasts a few days! We’ll dive into common symptoms and what to do about them below.

  • Results & weight loss:  People notice positive benefits DURING the detox: weight loss, increased energy, better sleep, and improved mood. If weight loss is a concern, you can avoid the fasting days or increase your carbohydrate intake during the detox.

  • Hunger and cravings might subside: While you may experience hunger on the fasting days, this detox makes you feel satiated. You may miss eating your favorite foods, but you shouldn’t expect to feel hungry. 

  • You’ll stop craving unhealthy foods:  It doesn’t take long for cravings for sweets and processed foods to disappear!  Do you constantly crave sugar?  That should disappear within a couple of days!

  • Expect to feel calm:  This is one of the most common things I hear from detoxers: how calm they feel!  It’s a truly incredible feeling, and I recommend enjoying every second!

Everyone’s detox experience is different, but from my experience, everything starts to shift on day 3 after you’ve completed your fasting days, given your body, brain, and gut a rest, and begin to nourish with quality nutrient-dense foods!

Common Detox Symptoms & What To Do About Them

During the detox, some people feel fantastic throughout the entire process, and others may have days where they feel slightly unwell. Detox or withdrawal symptoms from coffee and processed foods are common and may manifest differently for each person.

Symptoms like headaches, fatigue, body aches, insomnia, and mood swings are among the most common. If you encounter any of these symptoms, consider trying the following:

  • Include minerals in your drinking water. This will ensure your cells are hydrated and aid in numerous bodily functions, including detoxification.

  • Practice mindfulness. Remember, these symptoms show that your body can focus on removing things that are not beneficial.  The symptoms are temporary and will ultimately lead to long-term health benefits.

  • Take a break when necessary. There is no shame in taking a moment to catch your breath! Rest and let your body do what it knows best.

  • Get plenty of sleep! Your body and liver perform most of their detoxification during sleep. If you aren’t sleeping well, it can contribute to many of your symptoms. 

  • Take an Epsom salt bath to soothe your nervous system and reduce detox symptoms. Baths allow your skin to detoxify through sweating, and magnesium in Epsom salt encourages additional detoxification.

  • Take a binder to help bind excess toxins and remove them from the body.

  • Drink coffee if you went off of coffee in anticipation of the detox. Again, one of the most common reasons people experience headaches during the detox is withdrawal from caffeine.

If you still have symptoms, you can take things a step further: 

  • Move your lymph: Support the movement of your lymph by dry brushing or rebounding, which can help get toxins moving faster.

  • Use your Infrared Sauna: You can use this tool to speed up the elimination of toxins from your body. But be careful not to overdo it, as this may cause fatigue. Only jump in the sauna if you aren’t feeling drained.

  • Exercise: Keep your body moving, even just gentle movements like walking, yoga, or stretching. Every little bit helps!

  • If you’re suffering from constipation after day 3: Send me a message, and let’s address this together! 

  • For dizziness:  Add blueberries to your shakes and/or avoid fasting days altogether. Limit exercise and rest as much as you can. Consider discontinuing the detox until symptoms subside.

  • If you’re still experiencing discomfort, try reducing the dosage of your herbal supplements by half. Alternatively, you could skip several doses and see if your symptoms improve.

Please reach out to me if you’re having symptoms, have tried the items above, and are still struggling!

I’m here to support you on this journey and want to see you have the best, most beneficial 7, 14, or 21 days of your life!

Here are some additional resources for you to dive into:

If you haven’t already, make sure to order your detox here!

I look forward to seeing you in the group and hearing about your detox wins!  Let me know if you like to join our community by sending me an email . You can join my Whatsapp group here and get support throughout your detox journey!  

I KNOW you can do this! Connect with me on Instagram on Facebook @ and tell me about your detox experience!

The content provided above is for educational purposes only.  The Wellness Club Pte Ltd will not be held liable for actions taken by readers of the content.


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