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What To Do After Your Detox To Maintain + Build On Results

Congrats!!  You’re either super close to finishing, or you’ve already finished your detox, and that’s incredible!

Everyone experiences a detox differently, and you might wonder, what’s next?  How can I build on these results? How can I keep feeling amazing and keep from rebounding?

First, I would LOVE to jump on a call with you and hear about your experience and your new goals!  You can schedule with me here!

Second, do you recognize some of the reasons you are feeling so good in the first place? 

  • Healthy habits?

  • Not eating unhealthy foods?

  • Giving your body a break?

In this blog, we’ll dive into some potential next steps to keep you moving forward on your health journey with momentum and some tips for keeping your toxins low!

  • Keep sweating out the toxins.

  • Foundational supplements to help you find balance

  • Identifying your root causes with functional medicine lab testing

  • Getting the parasites out

  • Planning your next detox

  • Add one-day resets to your weekly or monthly routine

  • Keeping up with healthy habits

  • Slowly reintroducing food

Quick disclaimer:  Some of the links on this page are affiliate links, which means if you purchase after clicking on the link, I will receive a small commission. This allows me to support you as I do, and I greatly appreciate your support!

Keep the Sweating Going!

Whether you started using a sauna during the detox or increased exercise, sweating is one of the most powerful ways to keep your toxic burden low.  An infrared sauna is one of the most effective tools for reducing your toxic burden. I find my sauna session both relaxing and energizing. 

However, not all saunas are created equal. If you’re looking for a high-quality option, I highly recommend the Therasage Infrared sauna. It stands out for several reasons, including its low EMF levels, red light therapy, and grounding technology.  Plus, it’s an all-in-one portable, compact unit. 

Move Forward with Foundational Supplements

People feel so good during the detox because they provide their bodies with the foundational vitamins and minerals they need to function at their best through the Equilife 12-in-1 Daily Nutritional Support shake. I recommend continuing this multivitamin as it also includes liver support, among many other things.

However, there are additional supplements most people need to maintain balance and support their bodies.  Below are foundation recommendations that everyone should move forward with to help their body function at its best.

The DNS shake provides vitamins and minerals to support every cell and organ in your body. You were drinking this shake during the detox, and incorporating it into your daily routine can give you more energy and fill nutrient deficiencies. You can use it in a morning smoothie with fruits, vegetables, and a source of fat like coconut cream for a complete meal. 

This superfood powder contains 22 organic fruits, vegetables, and superfoods in just one serving. Eating various fruits and veggies daily can be challenging, but drinking this F&V blend can ensure you get enough phytonutrients and variety.  It’s kind of an insurance policy. 

A diverse community of microorganisms in the gut supports digestion immunity, reduces inflammation, and MUCH more. This dairy-free probiotic helps balance good and bad gut bacteria properly.

Vitamin D is essential for hormone production and thousands of other bodily functions. For many reasons, most of us are deficient in Vitamin D.  Supplementation is helpful year-round when you don’t spend at least 30 minutes in the sun a day, when you aren’t holding a tan, when you aren’t eating Vitamin D-rich foods, and when your levels are low.  It’s also beneficial to have your Vitamin D levels tested.

Maintaining a proper ratio of Omega 3 to Omega 6 fatty acids is essential for heart health and reducing inflammation. This omega-3 supplement helps balance this ratio and uniquely balances EPA and DHA. Omega 3s are something I recommend for everyone as they profoundly impact your heart and circulatory system and reduce inflammation.

Identify YOUR Personal Root Causes with Functional Medicine Labs

Test, don’t guess!  When you’re on a wellness journey and want to address YOUR root causes (in the correct order), running some lab tests will help you identify your next step.

Let's chat if you’re ready to take your next step with lab testing.  I can help you decide which labs to order, and we can create a plan moving forward.  Schedule your free call here.

Here are some of my favorite Functional Lab tests:

  • Big 5 Lab Testing Bundle: This bundle of five different at-home lab tests offers a comprehensive view of the body from a functional perspective. These tests can reveal how underlying imbalances, deficiencies, and toxicities are impacting your health. 

The labs included in the Big 5 are:

  • Complete Minerals and Metals Test

  • Complete Candida, Metabolic, and Vitamins Test

  • Complete Omega-3 and Inflammation Test

  • Complete Food Sensitivity Test

  • Complete Stress, Mood, and Metabolism Test

  • Candida, Metabolic, and Vitamins Test: If you suffer from digestive upset, gas or bloating, reflux, and mood changes, this test is for you. This in-depth at-home urine test can show how well your digestive system functions and provide information about your energy and mood metabolites. It can also tell you whether you get the necessary vitamins from your diet. This test is incredible and comprehensive, and I recommend it to everyone!

  • Complete Stress, Mood, and Metabolism Test: This test evaluates your hormone status, focusing on thyroid function, adrenal function, blood sugar regulation, and vitamin D status. It is tested through blood and saliva samples and can provide insight into why you may not deal with stress well, have sleep issues, trouble with your weight, and much more. This is one of my FAVORITE tests.

  • Minerals and Metals Test: If you often feel stressed, tired, or anxious, it may indicate that your nervous system is overwhelmed and your minerals and electrolytes are out of balance.  Mineral and electrolyte balance is essential to a well-functioning body, and imbalance can cause countless symptoms. This simple hair test can tell you SO much about your health!

  • Food Sensitivity Test: What’s a superfood for one person could be a poison for another.  Food sensitivities tax your immune system, cause chronic inflammation, steal energy, and much more.  This tests 192 of the most common foods and can help you identify foods causing you problems.

  • Omega 3 and Inflammation Test: This test looks at heart health and inflammation and shows your ratios of Omega 3 to Omega 6.  Once you know your Omega levels and ratios, it’s a simple adjustment to return to optimal heart health and lower inflammation!

Consider a Parasite Protocol

Parasite cleansing is a great next step to consider after your detox. Parasites are a significant root cause, and everyone has them to some extent.  They are putting stress on every cell and organ in your body and are one of the causes of internal toxicity.

When you’re moving through and trying to eliminate root causes, parasites are the next best step after detox because they act as biofilm communities, and other things (yeast, heavy metals, mold, etc.) live inside parasites.  Once you lower your parasite load, you will more successfully address your other root causes.

If you’re interested in parasite cleansing, it’s something I highly recommend getting support with.  Reach out to me here to discuss if this is the best step for you.

Plan Your Next Detox

A 21-day detox can be done four times per year (seasonally), or you can do a 7 or 14-day more often every 1-2 months. Listen to your body, and you’ll know when you're ready for another one!

But it’s great to schedule it ahead of time. Then, you might even get others to detox with you!

Add in a One-Day Reset

You just proved to yourself that you can fast, and it’s an incredibly powerful habit to keep in your life.

A one-day reset involves fasting using the DNS shake, which can give your digestive system a much-needed break. This method can be used anytime you want to cleanse your system, such as after traveling or when your gut needs a rest.

You only need the Daily Nutritional Support 12-in-One Protein Shake to perform a One Day Reset. Here’s an example schedule for your day:

  • Start your day with one DNS shake (1 scoop) about an hour after waking up.

  • Have another DNS shake (1 scoop) for lunch

  • Have another DNS shake (1 scoop) in the mid-afternoon

  • For dinner, enjoy a vegan/paleo-style meal similar to what you had during the detox, including ½ cup of cooked vegetables, 4-6 oz of lean protein, and 1-2 tbsp of healthy fat.

This approach gives your digestive system a chance to rest while still providing you with the essential nutrients you need.

You can do this up to once a week! It’s a GREAT way to reset your system!

Keep Up With Healthy Habits

You just created some amazing healthy habits!  Here are some ways to keep up with these!

Consider adopting a similar meal plan after detox. For example, if you enjoyed the liquid-based breakfast during the detox, try having a smoothie every morning with berries, greens (or Daily Fruit and Vegetable), DNS powder, and healthy fat. This breakfast keeps me full for hours. You can even add more beneficial ingredients, such as fruit, to meet your needs.

Incorporate at least three vegan lunches weekly to support healthy digestion and keep your gut happy. 

If you feel hungry between meals, choose snacks such as green juice, raw nuts, vegetables with hummus, or a second smoothie.

Stick to the paleo-style dinners recommended in the detox plan since they will continue to support your body.  

Whenever possible, cook your meals at home to limit eating out to 1-2 times per week. 

Aim to eat meals every 3.5- 4 hours.

Continue dry brushing to maximize lymph drainage. 

Maintain regular bowel movements by aiming to have two daily bowel movements to help your body release toxins and prevent them from building up and causing symptoms. 

Drink warm lemon water with rock salt in the morning to move your bowels and support your liver.

Slowly Reintroduce Foods

After eliminating certain food groups during the detox, it’s essential to reintroduce them slowly to avoid triggering inflammation. Certain foods such as dairy, gluten (wheat), soy, red meat, corn, peanuts, pork, and shellfish can be inflammatory for some individuals. 

To identify which foods are causing your symptoms, try reintroducing each food group on separate days and pay close attention to any adverse reactions.

As you begin incorporating these foods into your diet, ask yourself whether you’re experiencing bloating, gas, stuffy nose, itchy skin, or other unusual symptoms. 

These can help determine if the reintroduction is worth it. You can also take a food sensitivity test to identify foods you should avoid. 

In Conclusion,

By implementing these actionable steps, you can maintain the benefits of your detox and keep moving forward with momentum!

Reach out and let me know how this experience has been for you and what goals you’d like to hit next!

I’m here to support you every step of the way! 

Check out my other blogs for more support!

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