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Mee Lin, Q,  04/02/2022

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Here’s a detailed sharing of the 21 Day detox program I went through. 

Day 1: Liquid fast day, easy for me for the 1st half of the day as I was doing intermittent fasting before and used to not eating breakfast. I worked through lunch and didn’t feel so bad. Dinner was a bit more difficult with the aroma from the cooking floating around the house but I made it through sticking to the liquid diet.

Day 2: As usual the 1st half of the day was easy as I was used to not eating until lunch, started to dislike the taste of the shake, maybe because every meal was the same taste. At 4 pm, the hunger pangs hit, next shake was at 5 pm. 1 still had one more hour to go. At this time, I was feeling down and felt lots of negativity from hunger. Distracting myself by listening to podcasts and talking to my health coach helped.

Couldn’t stand it at dinner, sneaked in abt 5 pieces of lady’s finger. Boy was it the best tasting lady’s finger I have ever had in my life!

Day 3: Finally able to have a vegan lunch. Feeling much better. Realised how little my body needed to sustain itself. Felt my energy level going up.

Day 4-7: Not much difference from day 3, vegan lunch and animal protein is allowed for dinner.

Day 7 is the end of the detox for me as I only wanted to try 7 days as 21 days just felt too much for me to commit. I loved to eat! However, despite following the meal plans, my weight remained stagnant. I was super depressed but decided to go on to do 21 days following the recommendation of my health coach.

Day 8: Repeat of day 1. Did a full day liquid fast.

Day 9: Morning weigh-in: lost 1kg! Super happy! Followed the liquid fast for breakfast and lunch, dinner I sneaked in some vegetables.

Day 10 - 14: Vegan lunch and animal protein with vegetables for dinner

Day 15 - Day 16: Repeat of day 1 and 2, decided to follow Day 3-7 diet instead, which is an option if unable to take the liquid fast

Day 17 - Day 21: Cruised through, realised a reduction in cravings. 

Finally, results, reduction of 2.8kg, even though I wasn’t exactly strict and during the 2nd week as it was Xmas week. Overall was very happy with the results as I have been exercising 4 - 5 x a week and reducing my calorie intake over the past year, but seen no results. The most difficult days are the liquid fast days, especially the 1st 2 days. It has changed my perception about food, how much I need to eat to sustain my body, instead of binge eating. My cravings definitely reduced, did not feel the urge to buy bubble tea every time I walk by bubble tea shops 😂. I would recommend this program to anyone who has tried everything but is unable to get the weighing scale to move. And even if the weight loss results are disappointing at first, don’t give up! Sometimes the body just needs more time to trust you due to the eating habits we developed over the years (for me was binge eating I was super bloated).

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