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Michael Cao

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Although I struggled with physical cravings or desires such as hunger in the first 3 days, my detox journey got easier with time. Even when I was hungry, it didn’t make me lose control emotionally this time such as losing my temper etc.


Not only was I able to lose 2kg in a week during the detox, but I also found myself having an easier time falling asleep. Would definitely do this detox again.

Ng Wei Quan


This detox is something new so fasting was very hard for me. I was a heavy eater and always needed carbs to survive the day. So it was no surprise that I experienced low energy on days 4-7 when I exercised.


This detox made me realise I am capable of eating cleaner and helped me lose 4kg while improving my digestion, sleeping deeper and longer and feeling much more energetic. I would definitely do this detox again with a friend for support.

Jean Thean

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This is my first time doing a liquid diet so I felt low energy and mood on the first two days. This detox surprised me as I realised staying away from carbs was easy.


Although I didn't lose much weight, I think due to the foods I consciously chose to take during the detox, my digestion is better as I don't feel as bloated or full in the morning compared to when I was eating normally. Sticking to the diet plan also allowed me to learn when and what to eat for a better diet and good health in general.


I would do this detox again if there is an event I would like to prepare for an event or when I feel like my eating habits are not as good or balanced as I want them to be.


My annual health reports for the past few years has been less than ideal in terms of my BMI and body fat percentage. The lack of improvement despite me leading an active lifestyle and trying all sorts of diets left me feeling demoralised and frustrated.


After reconnecting with Janice after a few years, I decided to embark on my very first 21-day detox after coming back from my 2-weeks holiday in Europe. The program was surprisingly easy to follow and commit to as I didn’t have crazy hunger pangs which I initially thought I would have. After a few days I started to feel less bloated and feel the increase in my energy levels. In my quest for better health to boost my immune system, I also lost a little bit of weight in the process. I appreciate how Janice walked me through this program and how she was always around to push me through or offer advice whenever I reached out to her for whatever concerns or problems I was facing. I also like how the program aids in reinforcing us to choose healthier food options which gradually leads us to a lifestyle change at our own pace.


Along with a strong desire to have a better health and improve my fitness, Equilife detox and Fatlossity products have certainly provided me with that extra push I need to achieve my goals. They help me adjust my metabolism and control my calorie intake on a daily basis. I now feel much better and certainly motivated to keep this healthy lifestyle for as long as possible.



After detox, I feel an improvement on my energy level. My gastric problem has also stopped even when I only have liquid for breakfast. This is a great detox.

For many years I battled sleeplessness, resigned that it was part of me. Janice shared with me a very holistic approach to approach it including stress management, diet and exercise. I had no idea I was exercising too much and stressing my body. She very gentle shifted my perspective and relationship with ‘pushing myself’. Whenever I shared with her that I followed our agreed plans, she celebrated and encouraged me in my baby steps. Whenever I ‘slipped up’ and go back into old habits, she was gentle and reminded me not to blame myself. What I appreciate most about Janice was that she would patiently explain to me each of the questions I bombard her with in a very timely manner. She was quick to respond and I felt heard and important. Her respect to my lifestyle change motivated me to work on it because now I not only have a healthcoach, but a motivator, a partner. At no time, did I feel that she was trying to push her products, but she was genuinely concerned about my health and the things I was concerned about. I would highly recommend her for first timers who were as sceptical about health coaching as I was.

Iis,K Indonesia 11/02/2022

After undergoing the 21-day detox process I feel freedom in my life, more excited, more confident and I feel happy. I had lost 3.8kg and more importantly, many of the symptoms I was suffering from has not surfaced… I am also very happy to be able to share my experiences with all of you and I hope that you are inspired and willing to take steps to changes your life for the better, because there is no problem that is without a solution, if I can do it I'm sure you can do it too because we all deserve to be happy.

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Stanley,N  Singapore - 7 Day Detox 16/01/2022

Loved the entire detox process. Sure, there were some sacrifices to be made on lower energy days, or even social interactions at work lunches - but all that was worth it. I found myself becoming increasingly more alert (no brain fog), having elevated energy levels (less coffee) and experiencing incredible weight loss (6 kgs in a week)! 

Coupled with amazing daily consultation support from Janice, 10/10 would recommend this to anyone!

Mee Lin, Q, Singapore  04/02/2022

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Finally results, reduction of 2.8kg. Overall was very happy with the results as I have been exercising 4 - 5 x a week and reducing my calorie intake over the past year, but seen no results. It (the detox program)  has changed my perception about food, how much I need to eat to sustain my body, instead of binge eating. Cravings definitely reduced…. I would recommend this program to anyone who has tried everything but is unable to get the weighing scale to move.

Rebecca F -  30/09/2021

Detox is the best!!

I'm so thankful for finding the detox, I had no idea how big of a role it would play in healing my body.This is the only way I could lose weight, after years of eating less and working out more and no results.

Down to 25lbs to date.You've got to try it!!

Cybill C -  25/09/2021

The first time I did the detox in March was life-changing! I felt absolutely amazing after and I am actually looking forward to starting my next detox in a week. I can almost feel my rain barrel getting ready to overflow again. Seriously!


Kristy, C - 10/06/2021

This detox really works!

I did the 21 day detox and used both chocolate and vanilla to mix it up bit. I lost 12 pounds, reduced my joint pain, and am sleeping better than I have in years.

Pretty amazing.


Tan G - 29/07/2021


Wasn't sure I would last but I did with ease and grace! In just a few days I was feeling a huge improvement in my overall health - all worth it.

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