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The wear-and-tear of living takes a toll on our bodies, internally and externally. Properly maintaining healthy joints, tendons, cartilage, and ligaments can be a full-time job, not to mention that we all want to keep our skin looking healthy and radiant as well.


Advanced Collagen Support provides patented ingredients clinically studied for their ability to improve the connective tissues in our body, plus support healthy hair, skin, and nails.


  • Promotes connective tissue regrowth

  • Supports self-repair of cartilage, tendons, ligaments, and fascia

  • Supports joint lubrication and cushioning

  • Promotes healthy hair, skin, and nails

  • Simply dissolve in any beverage or smoothie

Advanced Collagen Support

  • Collagen is the most abundant protein involved in the structure of connective tissues and makes up between 25-30% of the body. As with most processes, the human body produces less and less high-quality collagen as it ages. Decreases in both quality and quantity can lead to changes in joint health and function, brittle hair and nails, skin wrinkles, poor muscle recovery, and inflammatory response. The ingredients of Advanced Collagen Support help the body to replace, replenish, and repair existing tissues and promote a more youthful appearance.

    A combination of functional medicine nutrients plus key patented ingredients make this the most powerful collagen powder in the industry. FORTIGEL® has been shown to stimulate collagen regeneration, type II collagen, and aggrecan, which all help to maintain healthy connective tissue. It also provides bioactive collagen peptides (BCPs), which contain high concentrations of specific building blocks of connective tissue. Mobilee® is a patented rooster comb extract rich in hyaluronic acid (HA), which is responsible for the viscoelastic, lubricating properties of synovial fluid. TendoActive® is a combination of type I collagen and mucopolysaccharides. Adult tendons, ligaments, and fascial tissue mainly consist of type I collagen molecules organized into structural units. The molecular structure and organization of tendon, ligament, and fascial collagen fibrils are key determinants in the ability of these tissues to endure the mechanical force and support self-repair. While collagen largely provides the structure and strength of tendons and ligaments, mucopolysaccharides are the "glue" that holds them together, allowing them to stretch, flex, bend, and maintain their resilience. Vitamin C and magnesium both play critical roles in the synthesis of collagen, yet most supplements do not provide additional sources of these two nutrients. Advanced Collagen Support incorporates vitamin C and magnesium to ensure the body has everything it needs to maintain its youthfullness inside and out.

    Suggested Use:

    Use 1 scoop per day in a smoothie, mixed with nut milk, or in water, or as directed by your qualified healthcare practitioner.

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